Ancillary Probate

Ancillary Probate

At Vaughn Law, PLLC, we specialize in assisting clients with the ancillary probate process in Florida. Our experienced estate and probate team understands the complexities involved when a loved one who lived out-of-state passes away owning property in Florida. We are dedicated to ensuring that the transfer of Florida property to beneficiaries is handled smoothly and in accordance with the law.

What is Ancillary Probate?

Ancillary probate is a supplementary probate proceeding required in Florida when an individual who was not a resident of the state dies owning real estate or other significant property within Florida. This process is necessary to legally transfer the property to the heirs or beneficiaries, as real estate is governed by the laws of the state in which it is located.

When Do You Need Ancillary Probate?

You will need to initiate ancillary probate in Florida if:

  • Your loved one owned real estate or other property in Florida.
  • They were a resident of another state at the time of their death.
  • The property needs to be transferred to beneficiaries or sold.

Our Ancillary Probate Services

Vaughn Law, PLLC offers comprehensive services to guide you through the ancillary probate process, including:

  • Determining the Need for Ancillary Probate: We will review your situation to determine if ancillary probate is necessary for the Florida property involved.
  • Appointment of Personal Representative: We assist in appointing a personal representative who is qualified to serve in Florida, whether they are named in the Will or selected by the beneficiaries.
  • Summary Administration: For estates that qualify, we can file for summary administration, a simplified probate process for smaller estates or when there is a valid Will.
  • Formal Administration: For larger estates or when there is no Will, we handle the full formal administration process, including dealing with creditors, inventorying assets, and distributing property.
  • Legal Representation and Advice: Our attorneys provide expert legal advice and representation throughout the ancillary probate process, ensuring compliance with Florida’s unique laws.
  • Real Estate and Title Services: We offer real estate attorney and title company services to assist with the sale of the Florida property, if needed.

Why Choose Vaughn Law, PLLC?

  • Expertise in Florida Law: Our team has in-depth knowledge of Florida probate laws, including those specific to ancillary probate.
  • Efficient and Compassionate Service: We understand that dealing with the loss of a loved one is difficult, and we strive to handle your legal matters with care and efficiency.
  • Local Representation: We provide local representation that can save you time and travel expenses, and we can facilitate virtual appearances when necessary.
  • Tailored Solutions: Every estate is unique, and we provide personalized service to meet the specific needs of your family and the estate.

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If you are dealing with the estate of a loved one who owned property in Florida but resided out-of-state, contact Vaughn Law, PLLC today. Our experienced team is ready to assist you with the ancillary probate process and ensure that your loved one’s property is handled properly. Visit our website to learn more or to schedule a consultation.

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